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Refund policy


Our clothes cannot be returned because all of our clothing is in one copy, and each piece is unique.

Privacy policy

Your information will not be used for some purposes, and other users will not see your information.

Terms of service

You can use our site to order my clothes.

We oblige to send you a package within five days from the order date.

Shipping Policy

We have worldwide shipping. Delivery times may vary and depend on various factors for different countries. On average, delivery time around the world takes 5-20 days.

0412 is not responsible for shipping delays caused by weather, war, or other circumstances. Also, 0412 is not responsible for the theft or loss of packages.

0412 is not responsible for the payment of re-shipping merchandise to the customer. It might be due to the wrong address entered by the customer or not paying taxes when the package is at the customs office. In these cases, the package will be returned, and only the customer is responsible for that.

If you have such a problem, you can contact us, and we’ll attempt to help you, but we don’t assure you of a 100% solution.

Contact information

Instagram: 0412vb

Legal notice

Under no circumstances we are not responsible for your using this website. Giving your information for shipping is only your responsibility.